Fragrance Overload

‘Fragrance overload’ is what this can be summed up as if you are looking for a more intense fragrance throw for your space.  The tea light and a Wax Melt (Tart) joined together beautifully in a warmer encapsulate the essence of a true love story.  These incredible petite Tarts throw more than 3x the amount of fragrance than a regular Candle and can be reused up to three times!

How does it work?

The tea light is placed in the opening under the warmer and the tart in the tray above.  All that is required of you now is to light the tea light and watch as the flame below slowly melts the tart above into a liquid to release the scent into the air.  Within minutes your favorite scents will encircle you, transforming your home into bouquets of wild flowers, roses or freshly washed linen or even something relaxing like Honeysuckle Jasmine (you get to choose your ecstasy) for the next 3-4 hours!

The great thing about a wax melter is the absence of an open flame.  If you have small children or pets running through the house, this is perfect for you.  With the tea light securely placed inside, this is an elegant option that gives you the same fragrance of a scented candle without the extra work. With your Candle, trimming the wick every three hours ensures minimal soot and a perfect burn.  With your melter, just light it and leave it.  Always ensure that you place the Melter on a shelf out of the reach of children and pets and that stay clear of drafts, curtains or anything flammable.

Wax melters are more acceptable to use in apartments, workplaces and other places where regular candles and the sight of the flame may be cause for concern.  With that being said, there is nothing wrong with owning a wax melter even if you are a candle lover.  Wax melters are discrete, lightweight and easy to carry if travelling so make sure that you add a Wax Melter to your next shopping list. you won’t regret it. Browse our entire line of Wax Melters here.

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