At Reneescentsationz, we promote and encourage self care by offering you a range of products to help you relax, unwind and indulge.

We believe that self care starts within and we also believe that balance is at the center of everything. Finding that balance can be achieved through Feng Shui – an ancient Chinese science which teaches us how to use the elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Metal) to improve our energies. Feng Shui is achieved by placing these elements throughout our home or office (or workspace) to keep that harmonious relationship with nature which in turn create positive energy. Our environment and daily stresses of life can work against us but using Feng Shui can release positive constructive energies throughout your entire space. We will show you simple ways that you can bring that positive energy into your space and share additional reading content with you about Feng Shui.

  1. Reduce Clutter – A cluttered room may contribute to a cluttered mind. Clean your room to remove any traces of clutter and immediately feel the difference. A messy space can drain your energy and leave you feeling stagnant. De-cluttering can be seen as an emotional process and can almost feel therapeutic. Get rid of items you have not used in a long time. There is always a method to the madness so start with the easiest bit first. Clear the clutter, clean the space and let go of unwanted items.
  2. Entrance/Front Door – This is your first point of contact between the outside world and your personal space. The entrance to your house should be free of clutter (extra shoes, jackets/coats, umbrellas etc). This will increase the free flow of positive energy and leave you feeling light when walking into your home. Some of us are guilty of having a squeaky door hinge that you don’t even notice anymore. Eliminate the squeak by oiling the hinge and increase your mood and well-being (strange but true).
  3. Plants in and around your home – Plants bring life to your home. As a plant lover and nature enthusiast, I surround myself with plants and flowers. Plants are said to improve your mental health by generating happiness, improving concentration and reducing stress. Indoor plants play a special role in Feng Shui. They can increase your feeling of vitality and improve the energy inside your home while purifying the air. Finding the right types of plants can be tricky. There are a few things to take into consideration such as the size and shape of the leaves and the overall size of the plants.
  4. Keep your Bathroom door closed – In Feng Shui, it is believed that water is related to wealth and since the bathroom is considered a place where water leaves the house, our money is being flushed away. But here we will focus on the heaviness that comes with excess moisture in your bathroom. This heaviness and sometimes musty smell can interfere with your energy flow so always keep that door closed. One way to keep the moisture level down in your bathroom is to place a plant in there because many plants such as Ferns and Orchids thrive on warm humidity and soak up the extra moisture in the air.
  5. Positioning is everything – A few years ago, I was rather intrigued when I found out I was not encouraging Feng Shui in my bedroom because of the position of my bed! According to Feng Shui principles, the bed is the most important feature in your home. Just think of how many hours you spend everyday on your bed. It is a place of comfort and relaxation and the place where your subconscious mind comes alive while you sleep. It is therefore suggested that your bed be placed in a commanding position so that you can see the door to your bedroom. If not, place a mirror in the room so that when you are in bed, you can still see the reflection of the door.

By applying these simple techniques will bring more balance into your life = Feng Shui. It is a good place to start for beginners as the principles of Feng Shui has many aspects to it. if you begin to apply these few tips, you will feel the difference and the positive energies within your home will begin to improve. I know, because it worked for me.

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