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Aromatherapy is known to be extremely beneficial to your mind. The mind is a vital component to our overall health and well-being, we tend to associate good health with eating well, getting sleep and exercising the mind sometimes get neglected.

Knowing that our body will deteriorate without regular exercise we tend to have a daily routine, like going for swims or for long walks to keep our body healthy. The same is true of the mind; if we don’t continuously provide the mind with nourishment and exercise, then it too will lose its strength.

Aromatherapy can help in keeping your mind healthy and “in shape.”

For people who suffer from anxiety, aromatherapy can be used to help reduce anxiety attacks. And even if you do not suffer from anxiety, aromatherapy can still help to calm your mind.

When you inhale the scents of essential oils, the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls emotions, is signaled. It is also connected to the part of the brain that controls hormone balances, stress levels, heart rate, blood pressure, memory, and breathing. The limbic receives the signals from the nose in order to release emotions of peace and contentment brought on by the scents.

Lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, sage and angelica is known to be powerful scents to help reduce anxiety.

An excellent alternative to alleviating feelings of depression is the practice/use of aromatherapy. Unlike prescribed mediation, there are no side effects involved. In this case, the nose also communicates with the limbic system in order to help uplift your mood and induce feelings of relaxation.

Bergamot chamomile, jasmine, sage, orange and frankincense are great anti-depressants, as a few whiffs can help stimulate feelings of joy and increase blood circulation to help re-energize the body and mind.

Reading and doing crossword puzzles can help with your memory and concentration. Using aromatherapy as a part of your memory health regime can be very beneficial.

Rosemary can help boost memory by fifteen percent. Other oils that can help improve memory and focus include basil, sage, peppermint and Cyprus.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression or want to improve your memory, aromatherapy are certainly worth investing in. However, every mind works differently, so it is always important to consult a physician.


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