Building a skin care routine.

One way to self-care is a healthy skin routine. Whether to start the day or end it.

Here are a few tips. On getting the results you want.

The first step in creating a skin routine is knowing what type of skin do you have:

Dry skin- flaky, scaly, or rough.

Oily skin- shiny and greasy.

Sensitive skin- easily aggravated.

Combination skin-dry in some areas and oily in some areas.

Normal skin- balanced moisture and tone.

Find the product that best works for you:

Though many products are chemical based there are many natural products that can be used, such as sugar scrubs which are made from all natural essential oils and sugar crystals, soy-based skin cream/ moisturizers etc.

The benefits attained from using natural products are endless: It can prevent many skin problems, it leaves you with a squeaking clean feeling, frees your skin from flakes, helps remove dead cells that make your skin look dull and tired,  adds a glow to the skin, remove dark patches, removes acne scars, prevents ingrown hair, improves the texture of your skin leaving it feeling smooth and healthy.

It is found that it is a form of aromatherapy: Known to work its mood-boosting and complexion-boosting wonders just as well when used in your beauty routine. When put in contact with your skin, your body heat activates the power of essential oils to give off the scent. Resulting in all kinds of good energy, plus extra healing and skin-care benefits. It proves essential oils are a direct route to major olfactive therapy. A key benefit to add to your beauty arsenal.

Almost all essential oils are beneficial to the skin.

As the saying goes: don’t trust anything you can’t eat on your skin.

The skin being one of the largest and most important organ in the body, how are you taking care of it.





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