All our products are made from natural ingredients sourced both local and overseas.  The aim of Reneescentsationz is to provide aromatherapy bath and body products to help you indulge, relax and unwind.

Each product is carefully handcrafted and we continuously test them to ensure we deliver quality everytime.

At Reneescentsationz, we pride ourselves in delivering more than just products to you.  We ensure that every product is wrapped with love.

If you are new to Reneescentsationz, stop by our blog and check out our Candles and Cocktails event.  We would be delighted to have you be a part of this memorable experience.

Finally, I urge you to continue supporting local Entrepreneurs.  The bottom line is by supporting our locally owned businesses you are doing your part in helping to improve the local economy.  It also inspires us to continue making quality products for you to enjoy. It’s like an extended family because you get to know the people behind the product and we are therefore able to offer you personalized service.  And of course, by supporting us, you are affording us the opportunity to employ someone in the community.   Remember, we can’t do it without you!  Cheers!