Candles And Cocktails

Whether your intention is to earn bragging rights as a newfound Candlemaker or want to make a gorgeous gift for yourself, your friends or family, this Class is for you. Candles and Cocktails will give you the basic skills to create a scented container candle made from 100% natural soy wax choosing from a selection of fine fragrance oils while sipping on delectable cocktails all evening long. Join us for a fun and relaxed evening’s workshop at Venus Conference Room on Saturday 17th November.  

All our candles are made with soy wax with a range of fragrance oils and dyes to choose from so you can create your own unique candles to take home or even to use as gifts in time for Christmas!

Workshop Content

  • Overview of the different types of wax and their differences in candle making.
  • You will learn about the different fragrance options (essential oils v fragrance oils) and you will be able to choose your own scent from our fragrance library.
  • You will learn the step by step process of making a container candle.
  • You will assemble, and hand pour your own container candle.
  • How to burn a candle correctly.
  • We will cover the equipment needed for candle making.

What you will take away

  • Your own bespoke scented Container Candle and tealights that you mixed and poured yourself.
  • A greater appreciation for the art of candle making.
  • New Friends

Included in the cost

  • All candle making equipment and containers
  • Safety gear
  • Unlimited cocktails
  • Light refreshments
  • Your finished candles to take home

What our past participants are saying:

A blessing to spend the afternoon with fellow Goddesses.” – Cinthya

It was a great afternoon.. Highly recommended. – Lesley

 This event was a touch of class. The ladies were friendly and Marcella; you are a gem. Looking forward to the next event and the next!!!Veron

“Great initiative, create and fun workshop… when I returned with my candle so beautifully packaged my family thought I had been to a pop up shop…. so professional   Lucille

“Great class it was with nice people and excellent cocktails” – Andrea

“We enjoyed every minute of it especially the cocktails!” – Marine

Space is limited so register today using the form below to be part of our next event.


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