A trip to the store to purchase Candles can turn into a rather daunting experience especially if that store is not a Yankee Candle Store or a Bath and Body Store.  Before I even dreamed of making Candles, I was labeled a Candle Fanatic by those who were close to me. I’ll have Candles in every room in the house.  You see in my book; and I’m sure most of you will agree, the first thing that attracts a person when choosing a Candle is the scent.  Unless you are a person who buys candles for religious purposes, having a scented candle without the scent is pointless.  The peculiar part of this, however, is whenever I went to the Store to purchase Candles, I buried my nose in each one taking in as much of the fragrance as my system could ingest, once I got home and was ready to use them was little or no smell.  Frustration always trumped when it was time to light up and like an addiction, I desperately tried everything possible for just a tiny whiff of the faintest scent which almost always resulted in close encounters with the flames and my nose hairs! Rule #1 – Never put your face too close to a burning candle.  You may lose more than just nose hairs! And this was the beginning of Reneescentsationz.

About our Candles

All the Candles are made from all-natural Soy Wax.  After much research, I decided to use soy wax which is a bit pricier but worth every penny.  This simply means you can breathe a sigh of relief…literally.  Soy waxes burn cleaner so you no longer have to worry about burning your candles if you suffer from allergies or your pets are in the same room.  The Candles maintain that silky smooth and Soot buildup is minimal (depends on how you take care of your candle) and they burn longer than regular Candles.  The best part is the scent (my favorite).  You can fragrance an entire room without even lighting your Candle (the larger the Candle, the more fragrant your space will be).  And there is really nothing more gratifying than knowing that your new Candle will burn all the way down not wasting a drop so you really get your money’s worth. Another important factor to consider is that because I am very conscious about the environment, all the Candles are poured in reusable jars.  Just wash with soap and warm water and use to store your spices in the kitchen, cotton swabs in the bathroom or anything that requires an airtight jar.

Making candles is more than just my new full-time job.  There is a sense of fulfillment that comes with it because I am finally doing something I love and getting paid to do it.  Waking up in the morning with Candle orders on my mind is way better than a strong cup o’ Joe (not that I’m refusing one). But my greatest joy comes at the end of the day when the orders are completed and delivered and I get those calls the next day.  I know you’re smiling because you’re guilty of the “Oh wow, my entire room smell like Roses”, or “are you sure I still have to light it? It looks too good to light”.  And to all of this, I say thank you.  It brings joy to my heart to see that a single product can do so much to a person whether it’s for relaxation and meditation, decoration or just for the fragrance.  Each Candle you buy will remind you of something in your past; from the freshly baked Banana Bread to the Roses or just the smell of freshly washed clothes.  Here’s to hoping that those memories are filled with joy and laughter.

Finally, I urge you to continue supporting local Entrepreneurs.  The bottom line is by supporting our locally owned businesses you are doing your part in helping to improve the local economy.  It also inspires us to continue making quality products for you to enjoy. It’s like an extended family because you get to know the people behind the product and we are therefore able to offer you personalized service.  And of course, by supporting us, you are affording us the opportunity to employ someone in the community.   Remember, we can’t do it without you!  Cheers!